From Qunaitrah. 

I've been here in the Za'atari camp for three months. Back in Syria I was fighting with the rebels. I came because I was injured and lost my leg after being hit by Assad’s forces. My house was totally destroyed with the rest of my neighborhood. Men, women, children, old people and animals were all destroyed without mercy. My brother was killed as well. We buried him and came here.  

It is expensive to live here in the camp. What we're given is not enough for us to live on. I have a small grocery store, and I try to earn money for our daily expenses from it from it. Before the revolution I was a construction worker, but here this is the living I make.  

The only solution is that we are patient until we can be rid of this tyrant. That is it. Otherwise, where would I return? To destruction and fire? It’s Impossible. I must stay here until the end of Assad. And Assad’s end will come from America, exclusively. Once they say, "Leave", he will leave. Other than that there is nothing.  

We lived in a tornado. At one point we thought that Assad may be gone in a month or two and now this is the third year and he has yet to go, because of the lack of assistance from all the Arab and foreign nations to the rebels.