From Homs. 

We came to Jordan because of all of the violence and strikes by the Regime. My nieces and nephews were very afraid when the shooting would start so we left and have been here since February 2012.  

The camp was very strange to me. People surround you and you can’t leave. It is like a prison. I was very sad, and so I escaped and went to live with my family. 

I want there to be safety and security in Syria. I want to return to my homeland, have no one attack me, and not hear guns firing. But there will be no security until the regime falls and this regime will stay a long time. 

I will give birth this week and I think that by the time my unborn son is able to return to Syria, he will be aware of the world and at least 4 or 5 years old. I will name him Mohamed after my brother, who was martyred while fighting with the FSA.