From Palestine. 

As Palestinians in Syria, we had no proof of identity. And whenever you crossed a checkpoint with no ID card they would instantly arrest you, you would be put in the prison for a month or a year, no one knows.  

I was imprisoned for a year under a false charge. Someone who said hello to me at the door of the mosque, and he was being monitored by the Syrians because they claimed he was with Fatah al-Islam (a militant Islamist group). They thought I was with him, and they arrested us. So if you grow a beard and go to pray in the mosque, then they arrest you. We didn't have any connection to such things, we were just workers but they will find some charge against you because of your religion. Every now and then the Syrian forces would do a raid in the town and round up large numbers of people. Then they would imprison and torture them, 

Life here, compared to the other camps, is like a thousand blessings. There are restrictions and noise, but we are comfortable and there is no harassment. But the living situation is still a bit bad. We get a coupon from the UNHCR for US$34 per person for the whole month. Meaning that each person’s daily expense is assumed to be around US$1. This is not enough and it doesn’t last the whole month. I ran out of coupons a couple days ago, so I'm taking loans so I can afford to buy food for the rest of the month.