From Palestine.  

My family left our home when our town in Palestinian was occupied by Israel on October 28, 1948. I was six years old. When we left I saw the Israeli army that was occupying my town. They had many men and many guns. I saw that all that could mend the situation is praying in the mosque on Friday. 

We all went to the caves in the mountains outside of to the town and stayed there for about 3 months. Then we left the caves and went to Jericho in tent camps for refugees. We lived like that for almost 20 years.  

Since then I have moved to Jordan, where I am a citizen, and to Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan, and Yugoslavia. I lived in Syria from 1991 until 2012 in the Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees. But then it became a war zone, with the FSA and the Syrian army fighting over control of the camp. Many people were killed by mortar attacks. 

I am very tired, very, very tired, because I am without documents, as are my son and the son of my son. We are three generations without documents. The Jordanian government took them when we entered the country. They say that I am no longer Jordanian because I have Palestinian roots.