23 years old. From Heraak in Dera’a 


I defected from the military and joined the FSA because of the killing, the crimes and the destruction. When a protest would start the regime would start firing and arresting people. I was serving in Aleppo, but when I went on leave I just stayed home in Dera’a. My friends in the military defected as well. Nearly 80 or 90 percent of the people I knew in the military defected.

There was a siege on my town that lasted for five days. On the fifth day I was hit. I stayed there for two days without getting medical treatment, until the FSA could retreat. There were field hospitals. We stayed with the FSA wherever they went, but there was no more ammunition, and I had relatives and my brothers with me. 

Three days later I came to Jordan.

The bone in my arm was shattered. I steadied my arm with a splint and I tried not to move it, but when I moved it the pieces of bone would start rubbing against each other. It was coming out of my flesh. The doctors didn't know what to do with it so they cut it and they sewed it up. There was shrapnel in it but doctors said it would be dangerous to try to remove, so they left it in. 

If the regime falls I would go back. Now in our area there is a government base, and the FSA wants to liberate the area. Once they liberate it and the brigade is done, then it will be finished and the people will begin to return. 


I was there fighting for a year and a half. If I wasn't hit I wouldn't have come here, and I will go back.