From Dera'a 

We came from Dera’a with the FSA and have been here for four months. We decided to leave when the regime started to enter houses to forcibly recruit men for the army. The government security forces had an appointment to search our house, so we fled. 

Everything changed in Dera’a during the first two years of the uprising. People were afraid and wouldn’t go out for anything. It would be quiet and we would go get bread and then an air strike would start. You would hide anywhere you could, in any home or neighborhood, until you could get home. 

Our neighborhood was in the center of town and was full of people. It had the court, the national hospital and much more. Out of everyone who lives there, the only people who remain there are my cousin and four young men who are taking care of the houses. 

Everything has changed. In your own house you feel at rest, but here is not our home. The neighbors are good, but it is different in your own country. We miss our family and our homeland.