The situation at home is terrible. There is nothing left there… just war. It is shooting 24 hours a day and at any moment a battle can start, so what can we do? I have children and they are scared from the shelling and the bombardments, the tanks and all the shooting. 

It is not good to leave your hometown, but we were forced to because of the war. It is hard to find work here and hard to support my family, but it still better to be here. 

The regime made a big mistake and they used violence, so we have to be against it. A government sniper killed my brother and the army killed my uncle, my cousin, and... who else can I count ? There are so many that I cannot count any more.  

I am afraid for my children and that is why I won’t go in front of cameras. The regime has eyes everywhere, and you just never know. 

My daughters are frightened because of all that they have witnessed. They feel scared at night. When they hear an airplane over our house, they tell me “Dad, they are going to hit us with bombs!” When they hear fireworks from a wedding, they ask, “Is that the army, are they coming here?” And when they watch TV, they ask who every character is. They ask, “Is he with us or with Bashar?” 

We must get rid of him; there is no other option. Too many people have been killed, including children. Forget about the damage that has been done and the money spent, what about the people we lost? The houses can be repaired and replaced, but not the people who have been killed.