Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman 

22 years old. From Herak in Dera’a 

I have been working in Kuwait since 2004 as a car air conditioning specialist. I went back to Syria to visit, and I got stuck there because of the conflict. 

Getting to Jordan was dangerous and difficult. I hid in a hole for two days with no food, only water, and then I escaped. It was all walking, because there are no cars and no gas. I would find a house, go inside, get food and get out. There were no people in them. They were all hiding in the basement. I wouldn't walk on the streets, instead I would walk in the fields and dirt so that the government forces wouldn't see me. 

We have no house now in Syria, because the government airplanes shelled it. There is no trace that it existed. We had a small orchard with 24 olive trees and 5 lemon trees and 3 grape vines. 

I planted an olive tree here so we could feel like we were in Syria. Every week we say the next week we will return, we will go back to Syria. And now it has been two years. Maybe the same thing will happen to us as it did to the Palestinians and we will wait for 60 years. Or maybe we will go back tomorrow, or maybe today. 

If Bashar goes away we would go to Syria, sit by the olive trees and we would sleep and eat and drink there.